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2015 Officers
President Jessica Larson
Vice-President Marius Artis
Secretary Stephanie Sprinkle
Treasurer Maureen Lee-MacDonald
Trustees Bret Christensen
  Karen Shelton-Johnson


The Greenbank Farm is conveniently located in central Whidbey Island, about ten miles north of Freeland and ten miles south of Coupeville. We are right off Hwy 525 and are accessible by car, bus (free on the island) or bike.

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The Greenbank Farm is right of Hwy 525, which runs the length of Whidbey Island. From Hwy 525, turn east onto Wonn Road (this will mean turning left if you are coming from the north or turning right if you are coming from the south). Follow Wonn Road for 1/10 of a mile and turn left into the Farm parking lot.

By Bus
Busses on the island are free and run Monday through Saturday. Bus stops are near the Farm and are serviced on Route 1 and Route 1 Express. More information can be found at the Island Transit website.



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